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Welcome To Dominion Church Of Gods Grace Sierra Leone

Dominion church of God’s Grace International Sierra Leone is an affiliate ministry that has its headquarters in New York, USA. It is also a representative of the Dominionite Movement Inc. USA.

Its principles and teachings are based on restoring dominion back to the church which was lost when Adam sold out to the Devil in the Garden of Eden.[Genesis 3;1-19]

Jesus Christ restored back to the church dominion through His death on the cross, burial and resurrection on the third day where He proclaimed that all power in Heaven and on Earth has been given unto Him. [Matthew 28; 18-20]

He commissioned the church by giving it power and dominion. He said “Behold I give unto you the keys of the Kingdom and what ever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven, whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven’’ [Matthew 16; 19]

Our call and vision is to actualize the Word of God through teaching and the demonstration of God’s power.

You will know, experience, feel, demonstrate or exercise and learn how to walk in Dominion in every areas of your life as you fellowship with this new race of people bounded by love.

Copyright © 2013. Dominion Church of God's Grace Sierra Leone Rights Reserved.

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